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The Healing Power

The Healing Power

Dr. John K. Mathew

It was towards the end of 2013 when Dr. Terry Grossman, the internationally renowned medical director of the Grossman Wellness Center in Golden, Colorado first began taking and recommending an all-natural, Swiss formulated cell therapy treatment called Celergen. Celergen is a potentially transformative treatment that stimulates the human body's natural healing powers. Celergen Swiss Cell Therapy triggers the repair and rejuvenation of individual cells. One of its key ingredients is a proprietary Cellular Marine Complex. The complex is extracted from the DNA of salmon and herring living in ocean waters off the coast of France. This Cellular Marine Complex has powerful anti-aging properties.

It is truly a wonder what man has accomplished in the field of medicine.Medical Science has without question improved, restored, and strengthened the lives of millions of men, women, and children.

However, there are countless incidents that medical sciences drastically fail to find a remedy for serious diseases that kill and destroy human beings. It cannot be denied that where medical sciences drastically fail the power and grace of Jesus Christ heals the sick and makes them whole.

Mark chapter 5 deals with three miracles Jesus performed.There we see Jesus's victory over demons, disease, and death. In the words of Warren Wiersbe "A large crowd was waiting to welcome Jesus when he returned home to Capernaum.In that crowd stood two people who were especially anxious to see him - Jairus, a man with a dying daughter; and an anonymous woman suffering from an incredible disease.

The woman had a hemorrhage that was apparently incurable and was slowly destroying her. One can only imagine the pain and emotional pressure that sapped her strength day after day. When you consider her many disappointments with the doctors and the poverty it brought her, you wonder how she endured as long as she did. But there was one added burden: According to the law, she was ceremonially unclean, which greatly restricted both her religious and her social life."

The contrast between these two needy people is striking and reveals the wideness of Christ's love and mercy. Jairus was an important synagogue officer, and the woman was an anonymous nobody, yet Jesus welcomed and helped both of them. 

Jairus was about to lose a daughter who had given him twelve years of happiness and the women was about to lose an affliction that had brought her twelve years of sorrow. being a synagogue officer, Jairus was no doubt wealthy, but his wealth could not save his dying daughter. The woman was already bankrupt.She had given the doctors all of her money, and yet none of them could cure her! Both Jairus and the poor woman found the answers to their needs at the feet of Jesus.When everything fails and fades Jesus is there.Jesus is real, so does his healing power. There is nothing impossible with God. 

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