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Your Perceptions or His Truth?

Your Perceptions or His Truth?

Dr. Valson Abraham

Would you fly on an airline with pilots so sure of their perceptions that they refused to fly by instruments or listen to air traffic controllers?

It is safe to say that such an airline would quickly go out of business.  Generally speaking, we don’t trust people who trust too much in themselves.  In practical life, we agree with the writer of Proverbs 14:12: ”There is a way that seems right to a man, but the end thereof is the way of death.”

But when it comes to matters of God, our culture falls all over itself in asserting that our perceptions are superior to those of God’s.  In countless ways, we are told that we are our own ultimate realities, that we must make our own truth.  Our cultural gurus say this with no doubts whatsoever of their own rightness and righteousness.  They also believe that truth changes with the times, is subject to fads.

To our self-centered and faddish age, Jesus says, ”I am the Truth.”  In this remarkable statement, Jesus is saying at least four things:

I am the Truth—truth is not just a perception or proposition, truth is a Person.

I am the Truth—truth is always present, unchanging and unchangeable.

I am the Truth—truth is singular and absolute.

I am the Truth—truth is real and essential to the good life, here and for eternity.

“I am the Truth” is not just a bold factual statement by a religious teacher.  It is an invitation.  Jesus invites us to approach Him, to know Him.  As we accept His invitation, we discover, like the disciples, that He is unlike anyone else we have ever known.  The Apostle Paul, who once swore to kill Jesus’ followers, met Jesus face-to-face.  Instantly, he wanted to give His life for Jesus—and he did.

Jesus does not merely make a claim of His divinity.  He does the unthinkable and offers His life on our behalf, even when we fail God and fail ourselves.  Jesus’ claim to be Truth is, therefore, not merely a singular claim, it is an offer of total servanthood that leads to His death.

It also leads to His resurrection - and ours - if we take Him at His word in trust and obedience.  His invitation leads to transformed lives and purpose.  His invitation leads to a foundation for our lives that will not wash away when the storms hit.  His invitation leads to the assurance and experience of eternal life that begins even now.

Even as believers, we know Jesus only imperfectly.  We are constantly in danger of idolatry-making other things our “truth” on which we base our lives.  Getting to know our spouses is a life-long process; getting to know Jesus is an eternity-long process that begins now, continues in heaven and later in the new earth.

Some people are not interested in the Truth.  Others simply do not know where to find it. They hunger and thirst for Truth and will not be satisfied with less.  We find both types both in the West and in India.

Why do people not want Truth?  Because real Truth is changeless.  That makes it “inconvenient,” especially for those whose preferred lifestyle conflicts with Truth.  They prefer their lifestyle rather than change, for change is always the necessary component in facing Truth.

Why do people seek Truth?  Because they know (probably from experience) that anything else is bankrupt.  It will soon pass away, like weeds in a fire.  They yearn for that which will remain when everything else has gone. 

Whether they know it or not, the Truth for which they long is Jesus Christ.  Even death and hell could not destroy Him, and He continues to invite you and me to know Him and experience His life.

This ministry exists for each of you who hunger and thirst for Truth.  Jesus’ invitation is for you, too.  Accept His invitation today.

Prayer: Father God, too often I trust my own perceptions and get myself into trouble.  Help me to trust less in myself and more in Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who is the Truth.

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