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The Little Things Do Count

The Little Things Do Count

Dr. Valson Abraham

We all know people who do well in their studies and go on to succeed in life while others do not.  Are some people are born to success while others are not?  Is this their fate in life?  Not necessarily.

Often, the person who faces more obstacles achieves the most success while the privileged accomplish little.  This is because of attitudes borne out in small, daily decisions that lead them closer to, or farther from, the successful life.  The individual decision seems small and inconsequential, but their cumulative effects are life-changing.

Little decisions ultimately decide who we are and where we spend time and eternity.  It is important what we decide in our attitudes toward money, relationships, clothing, sports, art, entertainment, internet use, social networking and even use of cell phones.

Some people may object and say, “But we live under grace, not the law.  What I do about these things is no ‘big deal’ as far as my salvation is concerned.”

That is only half-true.  We may be saved, but we will all stand before the judgment seat of Christ and be judged according to what we did with the grace He has showered upon us.  Do we use God’s grace as an excuse to pursue our own pleasures?  Or do we use God’s grace to bring glory to Him and accomplish His purposes in our lives and in the lives of others, receiving personal blessing God’s way?

The Wisdom Literature of the Old Testament—Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon—reminds us that we accomplish God’s will on this earth as we decide the issues of life.  From the Wisdom Literature, we glean specific principles and practices that guide our everyday decision making and are pleasing to God.

There is nothing intrinsically wrong with feasting on meat and royal food.  But these indulgences can defeat the purposes of a runner.  A runner who intends to win his race will not succeed if he gives himself to eating heavy meals and big desserts.

I can decide to pedal a bicycle from Delhi to Hyderabad—a long distance.  Once I have chosen my route, I must commit myself to the journey.  Each push on the pedal brings me that much closer to my goal.  Replenishment with food, water and rest provides the strength to complete even this long journey.

God has called each of us to a life’s journey, a task to fulfill.  That journey may be short or long, but it requires strength and endurance beyond our own power.  Once we commit ourselves to discover the task He has given and then fulfilling it, we to not accomplish it alone.  We depend upon Him for spiritual nourishment and times of rest along the way until we fulfill our earthly purpose.  

Do we intend to win the race of life?  If I am truly committed to the kingdom of God and to the Lord Jesus Christ, certain decisions of life will bring me closer to fulfilling God’s will in my life.  Other things will take me further away.  

I must decide to do those beneficial things on a daily basis that reinforce my commitment, even if that means giving up those things that are not necessarily wrong in themselves.  

I have known people called of God to fulfill certain roles for His kingdom.  But they have postponed making those daily decisions that would enable them to fulfill that call because they have been more interested in doing other things—good things, but not necessarily the best.  Time has passed, and now it is too late for them to give their best to Jesus Christ who gave His best for them.  Now they live with incredible regret.

I highly recommend the writings of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and the Song of Solomon.  You will not only receive blessing yourself, but you will bless others and spread His Good News to those who do not yet know it.

Father God, fill me with your wisdom and power to make those small but important daily decisions that enable me to fulfill your purposes in my life.  In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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