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Why Jesus, Why?

Why Jesus, Why?

Mr. Robert Clements

Why Jesus, Why?

In the Realms of Heaven, a sweet baby angel with brand new wings walked down the heavenly corridors. She passed Peter with his stately wings, who turned his kindly face to hers and asked, “Where are you going little girl?”

“To meet Jesus!” said the little one.

“There’s determination in your stride and persistence in your bearing!” smiled Peter, “And what do you want to meet the Lord for?”

“Something only the Lord can answer!” said the little angel, as Peter with a smile, led her to where Jesus sat. The little girl felt His arms closing round her, and felt herself being carried into the very lap of her savior. “Jesus!” she cried, “I have a question for you!”

“Speak my little one!” said the Lord as He shooed all the other angels away, “I did hear you wanted to ask me something?”

“Why did you go down to earth?” asked the little angel, “Just look at heaven with all it’s beauty, it’s joys and grandeur, at the complete peace and happiness we have o’er here. Then why ever did you go down to where I’ve just come from? How could you have left this for that?” she asked as she shriveled up her dainty little nose.

“So that you could come here my little girl!” said the Lord, “All I wanted was for you to come and live here with me, and there was no other way for that to happen other than me coming down and being born…”

“In a manger!” said the little angel.

“Yes,” said Jesus smiling, and His face took a faraway look.

“What are you thinking of my Lord?” asked the little girl.

“Of that first Christmas!” whispered Jesus with a smile, “Of those cattle sharing my room! Shepherds who walked in, eyes filled with awe after hearing the heavenly choir, of my beautiful earthly mother Mary, and father Joseph!”

“Your eyes are filled with love and yearning!” said the little angel curious, “What a beautiful place heaven is, and yet you remember dirty earth with such love? Why?”

“My dear child,” said Jesus, as He cuddled the little angel, “Because my Father sent me there, I was able to bring you here, and very soon your father and mother and other thousandswill keep coming! How happy I am that being born in a manger has..”

“Given me these mansions of gold..”

“Of being crucified on a cross later..”

“Has given me access to live with God!” completed the little angel.

“Yes, my dear child, because I came down that Christmas, I have you as company forever!”said the Lord again, as he glanced at His still pierced hands which held the little girl, and hearing this, the same angelic throng who had sung to the shepherds two thousand years ago, filled the ears of the little girl and the heavenly realm with the magnificent strains of “Hallelujah..!”

Robert Clements is a Newspaper Columnist, with an estimated readership of 6 million. He also conducts a short- term Writer’s Course.

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