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Argument on the Ventilator..!

Argument on the Ventilator..!

Mr. Robert Clements

She lay on the ventilator, as fervent prayers went up from hundreds, in plea chains and waves, outside same hospital, “Save her!” they prayed, and up in heaven God listened to their prayers even as He looked at her, and saw a smile of ecstatic joy on her face.

“Oh God,” she whispered as she looked into heaven and felt an incredible sense of peace and joy, “Oh God I learnt about heaven, I spoke about heaven but I never knew it was so like this! Let me enter my Lord and my God!”

God heard the prayers of those outside the hospital, “Save her!” they cried.

“Heal her!” they whispered.

“Make her whole again!” they wept.

“What calm, what rapturous feeling is this!” she cried out with joy, “Oh Lord, there are no earthly words to describe this divine warmth that enfolds me! But why Lord, why have I been stopped at your heavenly gates. Let me enter and live eternally with you!”

An angel whispered, “There are thousands praying for you to return dear girl!”

“Return?” she asked with incredulous voice, and those around the ventilator saw her lips move and wondered what she said, “Return? But this is where I belong! How can one return from this oh glorious place?”

“Their prayers rise high, pleading and begging for your return!” whispered the angel just outside the heavenly gates.

“Tell them, to let me be!” said the girl, “Tell them it is just like leaving me at the airport gates, or seeing me about to alight on board a ship. That I am only going ahead, and they will soon follow to this never before seen, joyous place that lies just before me. And dear angel, isn’t that our Lord just inside those gates?”

“Yes,” said the angel, “it is!”

“Lord!” shouted the girl on the ventilator, “God I want to be with you! Take me in!”

“Bring her back Lord!” cried those on earth.

“Heal her Lord!”

The cries and prayers went up even as loved ones stared hard at her uneasy movements on the ventilator. “She moves!” said the doctors, “but now she is still!”

And as doctors said those final words, the girl flew with new found wings along with the angel through the Gates of Heaven, and felt a glow that filled her within and without.

“Welcome dear child!” said God, “Faithful and good you were below, and served me well! Now enjoy what I’ve prepared for you a little ahead of your loved ones who will soon follow, just as I went ahead to prepare a place for you, and if it were not so I would have told you!”

“Hallelujah!” sang the entire angelic throng in elated, rapturous voices, strong, sweet and melodious, Hallelujah, hallelujah, hall-le-lu-jah..!   

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