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Behold He Comes!: Old Testament Shadings on the Second Advent of Christ

Behold He Comes!: Old Testament Shadings on the Second Advent of Christ

Pr. Phinni Joseph

God created human beings to rule on His behalf over the non-human world. Thus he mediates the presence of God, the creator from heaven. But they rebelled against His purpose and the earth became corrupted. Hence God judged the primeval world by a flood and following the Babel event. However, God did not finish His work for His creation for he took initiative to set things right so that His purpose for human beings shall be achieved. 

God called Abraham as the new agents of renewing God’s purpose for human race taking a mediatory role for the families of the earth. Abraham’s family also faced with challenges from Egyptian bondage and thus they became incapable of bringing blessing to other nations. The Lord raised up Moses and judged the nation that stood against the purpose of God. He came down to rescue His people. Yahweh began to actively involve in the history of His people, Israel. He delivered them from the hands of the oppressors. The Lord’s plan was executed by destroying the evil powers prevailing against His people. This work of salvation /judgment on behalf of His people continued even during the time of Judges and Kings. It was Yahweh’s prerogative that to rescue His people and leading them to His purpose reserved for them, to be blessed and be a blessing to humanity and to the entire creation. 

The Old Testament stands as a shadow of the blessings that follow in the New Testament times. The Old Testament speaks of Salvation as an earthly flourishing and it is effected through Yahweh’s crucial involvement in the history of His people/ world to deliver His people/ by judging the evil structures oppressing them. Often we see certain things that hinder God’s purpose for life and blessing. The fullness of life need to be restored when the people earnestly long for or cry to him in their distress. We see the mighty acts of God in the Old Testament on behalf of His people and its nature. These events foreshadow the advent of Christ Jesus on behalf of His church in the latter days. 

Yahweh Comes Down 

We see that Yahweh comes down to the help of His people when they cry unto Him. He leaves his heavenly abode and comes down to life situations of His people. This was to help the people in need, especially when they are oppressed by others.  Yahweh’s response to the concrete human situations is found throughout the scriptures, to say, in the event of Exodus and the return of people from Babylonian Captivity. He comes down to know them personally, abate their sufferings and deliver them from the evil influences that hindered their destiny and also to lead them to a better land that flows with milk and honey. 

Yahweh Fights 

Yahweh fights for His people and over threw their enemies. Yahweh’s wrath burring against his adversaries and he works wonders and might acts on behalf of his people. The Coming of Yahweh as king of creation is to judge evil is an important theme in the book o f Psalms. This would in turn lead to a celebration of life among nations and non human creations. This idea can also be seen in the prophetic literatures. Yahweh comes in judgment from his heavenly dwelling and his appearance causes in shaking of mountains with earth quakes. 

Yahweh Leads 

The deliverance or final victory of the people over the evil leads them to the Land that is promised for them. The promise of a blessed land is underlying God’s purpose to the His people. A return to a safe and fruitful and where they can flourish is underlying in His original purpose for humanity.It is the Lord that leads His people to a good and plentiful land where they enjoy His bounty.  A new heaven and earth as the eternal home of the redeemed is a promise of His people. 

Behold He comes to Judge / Save

The Old Testament texts speak of the Coming of Yahweh accompanied by shaking or melting of cosmos. Storm and earth quakes accompany His coming as manifestation of His power. It describes Yahweh’s coming to Judge and save. His coming makes cosmic effects. It also affects the celestial bodies. It affects sun, moon and stars. The heavens being rolled up like a scroll, when Yahweh judges nations on behalf of his people Israel. The earth is trembled, violently shaken and it shall fall down when Yahweh judges the earth for its iniquity. We need to note the fact that his judgment is ultimately redemptive. Hence, salvation is the outcome for His people, The destruction on judgment will be followed by the song of the redeemed.and the glory of Yahweh reign on Mount Zion. 

Yahweh establishes His Kingdom 

The underlying idea of God as king and Judge of all creation implies the establishment of Hiskingdom here on the earth. The royal language of God ca n be seen in Old Testament Pages. Also it envisages that the King of the universe shall vanquish evil and establish righteousness and justice. When Zion will be the centre of he world and the divine king shall rule from there. The motif of coming reign of God is central them in the prophetical and apocalyptical books. The dominion will be taken from the unjust rulers and will be given to His people. The texts anticipated a messianic deliverer and a ruler, who could restore Israel, subdue God’s enemies and establish God’s righteous reign from Zion over all the land of Israel and to the ends of the earth. The divine warrior shall wage the battle on behalf of His people and subdue al their enemies. 

Old Testament Shadings on Christ’s Advent

In the New Testament Jesus the lord entered into history to do battle with the powers of evil. He has won victory over every power that oppress God and his purposes for human kind. He has transferred us into His kingdom. Also, the non human creation will enjoy this freedom. Then He shall come from his heavenly abode to fight for His people. She shall come to judge the world and take His people with Him, He shall be with them, and He will judge the heaven and the earth. He shall put an end to all earthly kingdoms and entrust the kingdom to the Father. Thus, the eternal purpose of God for human beings will be fulfilled making this earth a better place to live in.  

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