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The power of God in a believer’s life

The power of God in a believer’s life

Pr. Sunny Kurian

Message preached at the 90th Kumbanad Convention of the IPC. Translated by Evang. Sajan Varghese

The birth, growth and earthly ministry of Lord Jesus Christ was in the power of the Holy Spirit. He was also strengthened by the Holy Spirit while undergoing agony in Gethsemane.   If so, how much more would the Holy Spirit help a believer in his Christian life and ministry?

We must experience the power of the Holy Spirit as described in Acts 1:8. Our forefathers experienced His power in abundance. The power of Holy Spirit that raised Lazarus from the grave, healed the lame and the blind, is powerful even today to revitalize today’s church. 

Paul who authored many epistles with his great knowledge was sometimes in great difficulty to express certain truths. When Paul wanted to talk about God’s love he was not able to fully describe its breadth, length, depth and height. In the same manner Paul finds it very difficult to explain God’s exceeding and surpassing knowledge and power. We need to have such a great power of God flowing in through us.

In the book of Acts, we read about the baptism of Holy Spirit that was given to all who were waiting for the same in the upper room after the ascension of our Lord Jesus. That outpouring of the Spirit is promised to all of us. As water baptism is given only once, Spirit baptism too happens only once in a believer’s life.

Today’s church has to come back to the genuine experience it once enjoyed when there were no musical instruments. Holy Spirit is not merely for speaking in tongues but also empowers us to cast out demons and heal the sick.

Satan tries to keep the unbelievers in disbelief and darkness. But God will perform miracles when believers go in the power of God to people with unbelief. Saul was afraid of David because he was anointed by the Spirit of God. While taking care of his father’s sheep, he once had to encounter a lion and a bear which were killed by him with the power of God. When we exercise our gifts Satan may fight back but we must be empowered by the full armor of God so that we can destroy the devil’s power. God’s power is ultimately given to us to defeat the forces of darkness and to gain victory in the spiritual war.

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