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Supremacy of the Holy Spirit

Supremacy of the Holy Spirit

Pr. V J Thomas

Holy Spirit is the one who executes all the eternal plans and purposes of the Triune God, and it is a very huge responsibility (1 Cor 2 :10). He searches all things and nothing is spared. He searches all people. He searches both the preacher and the listener alike. He searches people on the dais as well as the audience. At times Holy Spirit raids, arrests and also executes judgment. Every realm of man and universe is searched by God’s spirit. No one will ever be able to obstruct His work. This is His Supremacy. 

This truth is fully evident even on the 1st page of the Holy Scripture. It says, the spirit of God was hovering over the waters (Gen 1:2). Have we not seen the cute little chicks break through the white shell one by one after the mother hen broods / incubates them for 21 days? How pleasant it is to see them play around their mother making feeble but pleasant sounds.  They were only a thick fluid in a white shell three weeks ago. It would have been a horribly stinking waste, had it been left as it is. But look at them now - beautiful new creatures! How did this happen? There is a mother hen that ignored everything else and incubated and hovered over these eggs for 21 long days – she did nothing but patiently wait hovering over the eggs till all of them came out of their shells.

Our planet earth was formless initially, empty and only darkness was over the surface of the deep. We know from the scriptures that this happened because of the rebellion of Lucifer.  There were only deep waters and darkness remaining.  

Will this ever be built again? Will this be fit for habitation ever again? Will there be life seen on this planet again? ‘No, never’, would be the answer, because millions of years had already passed by. There was no ray of hope left in this matter. But praise God, the Bible begins with a reconstruction and recreation of our planet!

God said let there be light. Let the waters gather. Let the land produce. Let the waters teem with life.  Everything comes into being as soon as God uttered these words like magic, but we know this is not a magic. Real but invisible processes have been going on for long, behind the curtain. Like a mother hen, the Holy Spirit has been hovering over the waters all these times.  Holy Spirit demonstrates his supremacy here while Satan and his angels were eagerly waiting to see the eternal damnation of God’s earth and His projects. The Holy Spirit exercises his supremacy then, now, and always. It is evident in individuals, families and communities even today. His supremacy is evident in every step of God’s redemptive program for mankind.  It is this Holy Spirit who draws human souls and brings them to the Savior.   

Many years ago a gospel meeting was held in a village near Karunagapally. Ullayam Cheriachan was the preacher. He presented the gospel very powerfully. He said, “Jesus not only saves the sinners but also heals the sick. He is able to do it even today.” There stood a Hindu young man listening to this preaching. He was hiding himself in the dark under a tree. He was a tuberculosis patient suffering heavily because there was no cure for T.B. then. He was so weak and disappointed both physically and mentally. At the end of the meeting came the altar call. This young man was sitting far away from the convention spot, but his heart and soul were moved by this message.  He felt as if someone was holding him and drawing him towards the preacher. Then he said to himself, “How can I go there? I am a non-Christian. What will other people in my own community think?” He was troubled in his thoughts.  But again he felt someone nudging him, “Come on, get up, run. Go there, quick!”  He suddenly got enough courage to overcome that mental struggle and ran toward the place, knelt down before the preacher and confessed his faith. What a miracle! He got healed instantly! He received Christ that night, his name was changed to K. M. Thomas, joined the Assemblies of God Church. He later became a pastor and prophet, lived for Christ for many years. He himself witnessed that it was only the Holy Spirit that compelled him to go to the Savior. I am certain that the Holy Spirit was constantly working behind the scene in order to rebuild this broken life through that gospel meeting.  

The Spirit of God was pointing to the sufferings of Christ and the glories that would follow long before the incarnation took place (1 Peter 1: 11, 12). When the fullness of time came (Gal 4:4) the Holy Spirit handled things very carefully and directly (Luke 1, 2 and 3). 

The Holy Spirit comes upon Mary. Luke 1:35.  

The Holy Spirit comes upon John. Luke 1:15.     

The Holy Spirit comes upon Elizabeth.  Luke 1:41.

The Holy Spirit comes upon Zachariah.  Luke 1:67.

The Holy Spirit comes upon Simon.  Luke 2: 26,27.

Then the Spirit comes upon Jesus.  Luke 3:22

The Holy Spirit takes control over his temptations, preaching, healings, miracles, even the sufferings, death and resurrection. Spirit gives new birth. He takes complete control over the building of the temple of God which is the church today.  Eph. 2:22.

He reminds men that lack of man power or money power is never a problem to Him. Zach. 4:6 says:  “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit”, says the Lord of Hosts. The same Holy Spirit that built Zerubbabel’s temple took over the work of the church through His supreme power and authority.  We better acknowledge the fact that all the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are only helpers and laborers in His work.  

1. What is the main ingredient in Christian victory? Is it the knowledge in the word? No.  Had it been so, Satan would also have had victory. He has vast knowledge in scripture.  He knows when and where to use them. Anyone except our Lord Jesus would have fallen for his sharp knowledge of scripture (Luke 4).  There are people who think they are great because they know some scripture, and they know how to preach. They think they can capture any height in spiritual realm and throw themselves down anywhere and remain safe.  Even Christ was not great in their sight.  

I know a young Malayali preacher who was able to preach well in English, and was a guest preacher in the Malayali Pentecostal Conference in USA several years ago. In the first session he said, “I am glad to be here this evening”. The Malayalam translator paraphrased it and said, “I am so glad to be able to attend this great gathering”(Mahayogam). The preacher suddenly rebuked him and said, “STOP!. I did not say this is a Mahayogam, how many people are present here? Three or four thousand? I preach to tens of thousands  of people at a time. This is not a Mahayogam,” he said. I would tell him, had he been alive today that it is not the size of his audience that makes a spiritual meeting great, but rather it is the awesome presence of the Savior who said, “Wherever two or three gather in My name, I am there in their midst”.               

2. It is not faith alone because demons also believe and shudder. We will be stunned at some people’s faith and shudder. They would shout the words of faith, they would say they believe in miracles, and say tonight miracles are going to take place here. But they themselves have no repentance or conviction. Then what is the use of uttering mere words? (James 2:19). In Acts 8, one Simon also said, he has faith in Christ and was baptized but of no use.  

3. It is not prophesying. Saul also prophesied (1 Sam10:10-13).  But he did not obey the commands of God. So, his end was tragic, even though he began well. 

4. It is not giving money to church. Ananias and Sapphira also gave, but did not do any good. People like Barnabas give with right intentions and for God’s glory; and not for their own selfish motives. But this couple failed to understand the supremacy of the Holy Spirit.  They lied to the Holy Spirit (Acts 5:3,9). Holy Spirit himself will handle the situation, if our intention of giving is not pure.  

5. It is not the dreams and visions. In Numbers 23, Balaam also had visions and received the word from Jehovah. The prophet in 1 King 13 heard the word of the Lord clearly, but disobeyed at the end and he suffered the consequences.

6. It is not doing wonders and miracles 

(Mathew 7:22,23). The Lord said, on the day of judgment, many would claim to have performed miracles and healings in the name  of Jesus. The Lord would not say that they are lying, rather he would say he never knew them. That’s all.  2 Timothy 2:19 says, the Lord knows those who are His. It is more important to live a holy and acceptable life even if one cannot perform miracles or raise the dead.   

Now the question arises that if the above said things are not the most important secrets of success in a Christian life; then what is? Bible says live by the spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the sinful nature Gal 5:16. I am sure one will never have to regret for obeying the Holy Spirit Act 16:6 – 10 says Holy Spirit did not allow all to preach in Asia and stopped them from entering into Bithynia. They might have struggled to understand why. But blessed are they who obeyed the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Because God planned for them to preach the gospel in Macedonia, the land of the Alexander, the Great. Paul surely realizes the supremacy of Holy Spirit later.

 I remember meeting the late Smt. Annamma Mammen who had lost her memory and not able to remember most of the things. I asked her,  “Ammachi, why have you remained unmarried?” The answer was crystal clear, “The Spirit of God said to me that I must serve the Lord this way”. I had one more question, “Did you ever regret that? “

“Regret”? she shouted, “because the Holy Spirit instructed me, I obeyed. No! Never!!” was her answer. Saints of God let us discipline our lives at the will of the Holy Spirit and we will never have to regret no matter what the consequences   

We should not limit the manifestation of the Holy Spirit within the frame of unknown tongues alone. We must remember that unknown tongue is only the first sign of His manifestation. I have been baptized in the Holy Spirit at midnight of December 1967 at IPC Hebron Chapel Kumbanand. I continue to worship God in the spirit with unknown tongues till this day and I praise God for that.  

But my conviction is that, we need more grace to speak in our mother tongue rather than other tongue because other tongue is given by the Spirit.   We do not contribute anything from our intellect nor our discretion, contrary to our mother tongue. Eph 4:29 says “do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen”. This must be the rule not only during worship times, but also in committees, councils, general body, business and job places alike.   

There are people around us who do not accept all these. After the homecall of Pastor K. E. Abraham the Brethren Assembly leader Shri K.G. Thomas wrote an article in ‘Zion Kahalam’ in January 1975.  if I remember correctly this was its last line “no matter what the doctrines about Holy Spirit baptism and unknown tongues are, there is no doubt that it was the Holy Spirit that worked through Pastor K. E. Abraham”. Friends, it is through our life that we must prove the doctrine we believe as the right one.


We are none to control the Holy Spirit. It must be the other way.  Remember the vision Ezekiel does in Chapter 1. Wherever the spirit would go the wheels would go, and wheels would rise along with them because the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

I know a man who would jump in the spirit when his wife was absent from the Sunday worship due to work schedule. He keeps mum when she is present. My question is whether the Holy Spirit less is knowledgeable of you than your wife? I feel sorry for this man.


No one should make the Holy Spirit a medium for his selfish motive or for making money. People one day will be ashamed  if they who would pretend to be prophesying in the spirit but saying things from their own intellect. Twenty seven years ago a man pretended to have had vision that 

V. J. Thomas (myself) is bald headed and he conveyed that to me through the phone. I told him there is a pastor in this town who is bald headed and it must be a mistake of the Holy Spirit.  then he made sure whether V. J. Thomas is on the phone and I repeated the same answer. Saints of God, do we have to help Holy Spirit in assessing things? Will the Holy Spirit make a mistake? Is not He the Supreme One? When the Holy Spirit has complete control over our lives it will surely produce spiritual fruit and not just gifts of the spirit.    

So, let us allow the Holy Spirit to exercise His supremacy in our lives and thus God”s will be glorified through us. Amen. 

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