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Ms. Starla Luke

"Faith makes a Christian.

Life proves a Christian.

Trial confirms a Christian.

Death crowns a Christian."

This is true of Pastor George Oommen, 81, entered eternal on 5th July 2014. Our loss is heaven's gain.

A faithful and consistent teacher at India Bible College & Seminary (earlier at Hebron Bible College as well) for over 42 years, without a break – he stayed on campus teaching and mentoring 5 days a week for years; and for the past 12 years lived 3 days a week on college campus - only to fulfill the call to raise a new generation of Christian workers.

Like his beloved father, Late Pastor T.G. Oommen, who also taught for decades at Hebron Bible College, Pr George Oommen was a Christian Theologian and Biblical scholar, who carried deep insights of the Word of God!  He invested in teaching and building up pastors not just for IPC but for the church at large, through Hebron / India Bible College in these past over four decades. The investment he made continues to bear much fruit.

This man of God held responsible positions at the IPC Kerala State Council and church at large. None of that affected his sensitivity to the heart of God nor to His Unchanging Word. An upright and righteous man, he was very careful about every word he spoke and always uttered only what was befitting to a man who preached the gospel. His life and interactions all proved that.

My initial impressions of George Oommachayan was that he held very traditional and conservative views about women in ministry. I realised I was wrong when the first time Sue Dodge came and sang at the IBC Graduation and at the IPC General Convention. Hearing Sue minister through her singing, he  called me aside and made some very encouraging statements, which have always been my mainstay when handling various situations – all of these were based on the Word of God! He recognised the Presence of God in people and appreciated anyone in whom he saw God at work.

 His sound Biblical knowledge, wisdom and uncompromising stand as he imparted the undiluted Word of God to his students will be missed greatly. 

To all of us at IBC, dear George Oommachayan (as he was fondly called) has been a cheerful, spiritual, loving and above all a godly pastor/teacher. His words and attitudes always highlighted and underlined his godliness. He led a dignified and honourable life - a life certainly worth emulating.

He was a loving father not just to his five biological children, but also to hundreds of those he nurtured and established in the Eternal Truth of the Bible. The love and warmth my husband and I shared and enjoyed with dear George Oommachayan was special and reciprocal.

It was always a tremendous joy for us to witness the sweet fellowship that the senior faculty of IBC (Pastors M.V.Varghese, K. M.John, George Oommen, C.I. Cherian and T.C. Easow) enjoyed with each other as they gathered around tea & refreshments after class each day or at home with my father Pastor T.S. Abraham during their meal times together.

There were instances of illness and physical pain, but during all those times we saw such a peace flooding him. His spirit of prayer led him through such times.

He enjoyed a special rapport and love with the Director of the College, Pastor Dr. T. Valson Abraham. Pr. George Oommen’s constant assurances of prayer for the ministry, his positive godly influence on the younger teachers and students were a great strength to the institution. The presence of older teachers like him, their lives and prayers continue to spur the ministry of IBC.

IBC family salutes this spiritual giant!! Charles Wesley said, GOD BURIES HIS WORKMEN, BUT CARRIES ON HIS WORK. We will, with God's help, make every effort to keep running the race with the consistency and faithfulness Pastor George Oommen modelled to us. And on the day of resurrection, we will rejoice as we see the fruit of His labor.

1 Chronicles 29:28 - And he (David) died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honor;....

 David got the best of this world, was satisfied with it and was willing to go to a better place. Pr. George Oommen lived realising very well that God had given a short time to live on this earth, and on this depended his eternity. Having received the best that this world could offer - a wonderful family, ministry and honor; at the end of it all he was ready and willing to go to his eternal home, which is a far better place.

IBC and REVIVE continue to pray for the comfort of the family members and very specially for the health of his beloved wife, Mrs. Annamma George. 

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