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PASTOR K. M. JOHN (1929-2015)

PASTOR K. M. JOHN (1929-2015)

Ms. Starla Luke

The twelve disciples of Jesus Christ became great spiritual leaders and preachers, not because they possessed any oratorical skills, leadership abilities or academic qualifications. Their influence came because “they were with Jesus”. The power of association with the Person of Jesus , their faith in Him, their testimony concerning Him and the power of the Holy Spirit transformed them to mighty apostles. 

Pastor K. M. JOHN, 86, became who he was because He preached Christ. A man of God who served as a senior faculty member at India Bible College & Seminary for over 30 years, and with IPC at the Kerala State and General Council. He served as vice-president and president of IPC Kerala State Council and also served as Joint Secretary of the IPC General Council.

IPC has grown to its present status through the labor and services of committed men and women called of God. They faithfully labored in the vineyard of the Lord, often unknown to others, not expecting any reward or honor. They were accountable and submitted to the anointed servants of God who were placed by God to mentor and govern them. They served the Lord sincerely and endured hardships without complaining. With their service from long experience came a God given recognition bringing them to positions of leadership within the church. Pastor K. M. John was a good example of those whom God honors for sincere labor.

An alumnus of Hebron Bible School, Kumbanad, he was taught and  mentored by Pastor K. E. Abraham – a fact he always shared with pride. The relationship between them as student and teacher developed into a special bond of love, deep respect and trust. 

I have heard K. M. John Appachen often mention that he was prayed for and sent to Malabar as an IPC minister and missionary by my grandfather, the late Pastor K.E. Abraham. The IPC Kozhikode church was going through a crisis when Pastor K. M. John was entrusted to handle the entire legal proceedings. Such was the trust reposed in him. Pastor K. M. John judiciously and wisely handled the matters. 

I have seen how this bond of relationship has been strengthened through the years and generations, between the families. He was always a close friend of our family.

My father - Pastor T. S. Abraham now in his 90th year, has enjoyed a seamless loving relationship with Pastor K. M. John. Their friendship, commitment to the Lord and His church, has strengthened and taken the India Pentecostal Church to a higher level and growth in spiritual and administrative realm as they worked together in many different capacities.

Also my brother, Rev. Dr. T. Valson Abraham, served with Pastor K. M. John in the IPC General Council, at India Bible College & Seminary and several other areas of Christian ministry. His service and leadership at the Chenganoor district, Kerala state and General Council was a real blessing.

The legacy of mutual love and respect we inherited from our parents and grandparents for those who truly serve the Lord was evidenced each time we met. He was always cheerful and had a pleasant smile. The joy he felt on meeting those he loved could never be hidden or understated. He had a good sense of humor, always in good spirits

and was a pleasure to talk to him whether in person or over the phone. He had an endearing personality.

Known as "the apostle to the Malabar area,” Pastor K. M. John is respected throughout the IPC for his consistent commitment in serving the Lord in the northern parts of Kerala. In those days, not many were willing to go to Malabar. He labored under very difficult circumstances. A year ago, my husband and I had the privilege of being at the Nilambur district convention with Pastor K. M. John. We saw the great honor and love with which the believers and pastors regarded him. We praised God for the labor of love of Pastor K. M. John which continues to bear much fruit for His Kingdom. 

Pastor K. M. John was seen as a very strong administrator of the Kerala State Council. He was well respected for handling problems that faced the church. He was not afraid to take a strong stand.

His relational ability and sharp mind and intellect was noticed by Pastor K.E. Abraham in the early days of his ministry. He was entrusted with responsibilities with great foresight. He had a discerning spirit and shrewd mind – this God given quality helped him in his church administration. K. M. John Appachen always dressed impeccably and looked his best - be it at home or on the pulpit.

A beloved teacher loved by the students of India Bible College & Seminary. We have lost a passionate teacher and spiritual Christian leader. His decades of teaching at India Bible College was a blessing to thousands of students. We will miss his presence and teaching. He and his wife were always punctual and were loved by students and faculty alike. Pastor K. M. John has taught us to be committed to God's Word. We will continue to be committed to that Great Cause. We pray that God will raise up a generation of committed and faithful young men and women who will carry forward the legacy entrusted to us.

We loved  him and we will miss him. I was always blessed by his his assurances always whether in person or over a conversation over the phone of his prayer for us as a family and for the Bible College. Pastor K. M. John loved the people of God and he related to them whole heartedly. 

I am reminded of the words of Adoniram Judson, "I am not tired of my work, neither am I tired of the world; yet when Christ calls me home, I shall go with gladness". This is how Pastor K, M. John lived. He was full of life and until the very end.  He had nothing to despair of, and nothing to hold him back from walking into eternal life with Christ.

India Bible College & Seminary is grateful to God for the opportunity to have gleaned from the life of this dear man of God. We pray God's peace and comfort to reign in the hearts and minds of the family members. Thank God for the pleasant memories of dear Appachen's life and ministry. The children and grandchildren, have much to be proud of! And we move forward in the assurance that we will see him soon!

He has gone ahead of us to his eternal dwelling place, resting from all his labor, awaiting his reward. “For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first.” (I Thess. 4:16)

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