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Unique Holiness of Christ

Unique Holiness of Christ

Pr. P. I. Abraham

Holiness is a foundational subject in the Bible. When we study the doctrines in the Bible, God never instructs human beings contrary to His own nature. God can never behave or work outside His own nature. For example, we often see some alcoholics advising their children not to drink alcohol. Likewise, many people ask others to do things that are not practiced in their own life. 

I have heard some who don’t do any charity personally but preach on charity. Thus, the state of being different in life from what one preaches or teaches became very common today even in the spiritual realm.  In politics there is no restriction for a wicked person to make a political speech. If a person has the ability for public speaking with persuasion, that is enough for a political party. The public orator’s character or morality is not at all a problem for them. But in spiritual matters, this policy does not work. God will not allow a wicked person to speak from the word of God. God warns a wicked man against taking His Word in his mouth. 

David, who was a man of God, committed adultery in his life, and to cover the crime, he also committed murder. When he was silent after this heinous crime, the prophet Nathan boldly convinced him of his sin. David regretted and confessed his sin. He prayed to the Lord for a pure and clean heart. He wanted to have the Holy Spirit dwell in his sin. In the psalm of confession, David states that he will teach the trespassers God‘s ways if he gets a pure heart and constant dwelling Holy Spirit in his life. It will help the sinners to repent of their sins and turn to God. This is a great mystery. Unless we are made holy in the presence of God, we have no right to preach God. And even if we do preach, it will not be fruit bear. This is an eternal truth. It is nothing but the character of God which comes as instructions from his mouth. According to this principle we also have to be filled by God’s law before it overflows from us as our preaching. 

According to one poet, there are three signs in a wicked person. They have a very beautiful face similar to a flower, very persuasive words from the mouth and a heart similar to a volcano. But the nature of God is extremely different from this.

In the Book of Isaiah, the prophet sees a vision of God, who is seated on a high and exalted throne. The Seraphim with four wings cover themselves with two wings, flying and worshipping in the presence of God. It is a magnificent vision. They worship the Lord by singing the character of God, Holy, Holy, and Holy. This was the song Isaiah heard in the vision. A theological truth is revealed here. The one who is seated on the throne is One and Holy. The Seraphim repeat the words three times. This doesn’t mean that there are three gods in the trinity. Even though God is one, his three persons exist changeless in character. The Father is Holy, the Son is Holy and the Holy Spirit is also Holy.

Next, let us discuss the word ‘Holy’. We cannot compare God to anyone or anything. In some other religious beliefs the incarnations of God are compared to many different creatures like fish, tortoise, pig, human and so on. But in  Isaiah’s vision, God was seen only as a human. When our God incarnated as Son on this earth, he was likened to a human in everything except being sinful. Even though Holy Spirit, the third person in the trinity is likened to a dove and so on, everywhere He is compared to a person who can feel sadness like a human person. Though there are numerous creations of God, man who is the crown of creation is the only one who is created in the image and likeness of God.

Etymologically, the meaning of the word ‘Holy’ is ‘something which keeps a distance from other common things.’There are so many questions God is asking in the prophetical books in the Bible. One question is, “ To whom shall you compare me”? It is very clear that God is not a copy of any creature in this world real or imaginary. Some religious faith groups compare the incarnation of god to an elephant. But no such comparisons, we see related to our God who is revealed in the Bible. In the incarnated Christ we see a human being in its most perfect nature. Jesus said,” One who saw me also saw my father’.

Again there is a question,” If God is good, who is the one who created evil in this world?” Holy God never created Satan.  I believe that God allowed Lucifer to become Satan, when he himself rebelled against God’s commands and God’s will. God gives conditional permission to anyone. God allows even the weeds to grow till the time of harvest. It doesn’t mean that God loves the weeds. Though not with willingness, God allows Satan and wicked persons to live. We must be aware of this mystery.

The Greek who claim themselves to be wise, wanted to know God through their search for God. In that search, Socrates, who was sincere found out the true God. But the religious people of his day didn’t accept Socrates’ teachings. They killed him by poisoning him. When Apostle Paul found them in Athens, they were after an    ‘unknown god”. Even today, for many the true God and His Son are only ‘unknown.’ No one can find God by their own efforts. It is only when the son of God who was seated on the lap of God revealed the living God is now known to those who believe in Christ.There are people from other faith traditions in the history who sincerely sought for the true God.  Some of them got partial revelations of the living God. But they were silenced by the majority who worshipped many gods.

The writer of this article is one who also had to go through the unbiblical practices of the traditional Christian Churh. But  God revealed to me the truth and I was able to run away and escape from  slavery. The true God is a Holy God. Those who serve him also should be holy. The true church is the holy bride of Jesus Christ. Our Lord is coming soon to receive his Church, the holy bride. Let’s prepare for that great day! 

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